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Our Story

Yarin and I always knew we wanted children.
When we discovered that we were unable to conceive, we were devastated.

When we realized that surrogacy was our best chance to become parents, we had no idea what to expect. We had no one to guide, encourage, or support us. We didn’t know right from wrong, and we felt helpless and lost. We knew our decision would be life changing, but we were overwhelmed and confused by all the experts we found ourselves needing to consult—doctors, lawyers, surrogacy agencies, fertility clinics, financial advisers, and more. We went through a very difficult surrogacy process. This painful, expensive, and emotionally wrenching process shook us. We became frustrated and tense.

When I was in the hospital, looking at our precious new baby boy, I was flooded with emotion and thoughts of others who wanted to be parents, but were unable to conceive or bear children. Even in our happiest moment, I was overcome with sadness. Knowing how lucky we were to have a beautiful and healthy baby of our own (especially after a very frightening emergency delivery), I felt an intense desire to help others realize their parenting dreams.

I founded The Chosen One Egg Donation Agency to help other parents make their dreams come true, as ours had. I want you to have the guidance and support that we wished we had when we went through this very same process. My goal is to help you find the perfect egg donor, the best surrogate (should you need one), and the best medical, legal, and financial advice possible. We have built a strong team of top experts to help you every step of the way. And I’ll be there too.



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